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Did you know that Canada is the largest producer of mustard seeds? And, where do all these seeds go? You can find them at Maison Orphée organic mustard production sites!

Maison Orphée products only contain the highest quality fruit and seeds, and the highest quality processing. We won't compromise on this quality period.

All of our oils are a result of the traditional, patient work of cold pressing and cold extraction. Our unique manufacturing process offers greater nutritional value and taste. 

Unlike commercial mustard, our products' taste, colour, freshness, antioxidants, vitamins, and health benefits are preserved. Our cold extraction process also allows us to produce longer-lasting, more nutritional, and tasty products at less risk of oxidation.

We pride ourselves on creating products with a short and sweet ingredient list. We do not add sulphites,  gluten, GMOs, sugars, vinegar, or chemical additives because we know high-quality mustard doesn't need them. 

Maison Orphée's products are also keto, paleo, and Whole30 friendly! 

By choosing our mustards, you choose to consume locally-made products, and you prioritize your health. That's the beauty of a condiment made with simple and wholesome ingredients. 

Add mustard to everything and eat it quickly while it's fresh and tasty!