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We all love matcha powder and the things that can be made from it, but do you know where your matcha is coming from? Are there hidden additives or fillers that you don’t know about? We want you to know and be sure about the quality and ingredients that go into your matcha. That’s where Matcha Ninja comes in. They are a matcha-focused, Canadian company that takes matcha seriously. Matcha Ninja takes pride and care in the matcha powder-making process. Their matcha powder is of the highest quality and is carefully tested from start to finish.

Matcha, unlike regular green tea, comes from the whole green tea leaf (not just an extraction of it). By consuming it whole, we are getting all the added benefits and nutrients that the green tea leaf has to offer. Did you know that ceremonial grade matcha powder (what Matcha Ninja produces) contains up to 10 x the nutrients of a regular green tea? Matcha Ninja stands by the notion that they make the best matcha around. They prove this by focusing on three main elements of the matcha process: the taste, the time and effort going into the matcha, and the quality. With Matcha Ninja, you won’t find any bitterness, fillers, heavy metals, or radiation in any of their products. All their products are tested and quality assured.

How is the Matcha Ninja journey different from their competitors? Well, we’ll tell you. Their green tea leaves are grown on USDA organic farms, before the leaves are harvested and made into powder they are shaded from the sun to promote the production of antioxidants, then when it’s time to harvest the leaves they are inspected and only the best of the bunch are chosen for the next step. Matcha Ninja uses baby leaves as they are much sweeter and add a depth of flavour to the powder. The leaves are steamed, dried, and then the stem and veins are removed. The leaves are then stone-ground and sifted to remove any clumps. And finally, all batches of matcha powder are certified, packaged, and shipped right to you, and made into a wonderful cup of matcha.