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No more filling up your suitcase on your way back from Korea, Japan, China or Thailand with those delicious seaweed snacks, now you can fill your tummy to the brim with NORA’s seaweed snacks! These crunchy delights are the perfect snack to go, or can even be a great meal accompaniment for that added umami kick!


NORA was founded on a love of seaweed snacks and because there just wasn’t enough space in luggages to bring over these snacks from Korea, Thailand, Japan and China, at least to satiate those seaweed cravings! And with the rise of asian snacks and cuisine becoming more known and loved around the world, the founders of NORA decided to launch their company to not only satisfy their own cravings, but also to share all that umami goodness with everyone else! 

For thousands of years, seaweed has been harvested and enjoyed and in the ancient times, Pyropira (red seaweed) was once deemed so valuable that it was to be included into a bride’s dowry, but it wasn’t long before industrious farmers and fishers found a way to harvest and cultivate seaweed on bamboo nets, which is still a prevalent practice to this day! Not only is seaweed a nutritious snack, meal accompaniment or a full meal that is healthy for you as it is chalk full of minerals such as iodine and tyrosine, but it’s also good for the planet as it removes a lot of CO2 from the oceans while not needing any additional fertilization.

With their seaweed (known as nori in Japan, or gim in Korea) sourced from protected bays in Korea, you can enjoy the absolute best and highest quality, delicious and nutritious snack from the sea!  


NORA seaweed snacks contain a variety of minerals from the sea such as iodine that can help support the thyroid gland in your neck to make thyroxine, which can help the growth of bones and nerves! As one of the most nutrient dense vegetables out there, these scrumptious snacks are both delicious and good for you! Crunch your heart out with NORA’s seaweed snacks in their original or spicy flavors, and if you love tempura, then uma-go crazy for their tempura seaweed snacks!