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The Nuco Story: I grew up in the Philippines, mainly in the area of Metro Manila where the coconut industry is of vital importance to millions of its people. Our family saw poverty and viewed firsthand the struggle of the Filipino coconut farmer. Although we were fortunate to thrive, the desperate and unjust wages coconut farmers were paid, tugged at our hearts. We made it our mission to change and positively alter the economic landscape of the Filipino farmer. As a result, NUCO organic and natural coconut products was born.

Some of the Nuco products you’re sure to fall in love with -

Nuco Turmeric Coconut Paleo Wraps – A healthy and low-carb wrap to enjoy your evening snacking a little more than usual. From sweet to savory, you can enjoy this turmeric coconut paleo wrap as a gluten-free alternative to tortillas, crepes and sandwiches and make a delicious vegan wrap using this healthy version of a wrap!

Nuco Coconut Power Crunch Banana – The battle of wanting to snack healthy but eat something that tastes snackable has been forever a struggle. Well, not anymore, thanks to this little grain-free snack right here. Whether it’s some mid-day snacking or just something you need to munch on later, this coconut power crunch snack is great. It’s made with sustainably sourced ingredients and just like that, you’re snack-sorted.