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Pastabilities is all about making authentic Italian pasta better! With 100% durum semolina, organic flours like ancient grains, all-natural vegetable powders or herbs. Our pasta is high quality, kosher, and high in protein, all while keeping amazing texture and taste!

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Welcome to The Pasta World!

At Pastabilities we’re all about family, friends, and food.  Our business is based in Nashville, Tennessee, but our pasta adventure began in 1992 during our honeymoon to Italy.  We fell in love with pasta and the Italian lifestyle and knew someday we wanted to create a piece of Italy back home. In 1994 we travelled back to Italy to understand exactly what it took to make the highest quality and best tasting pasta around.  Our plant is designed similarly to the “boutique” manufacturing plants found in Italy.  Like the Italians, we manufacture in small batches – no mass production.  And we fill our Italian pasta making machines with only the finest ingredients available – whether it’s 100% durum semolina, Organic flours including ancient grains, all-natural vegetable powders, or herbs.

For our Fun Pasta, we use hand-crafted bronze dies to create the world’s largest selection of fun shapes… with more than 250 different shapes!  From dinosaurs to Christmas trees to princess crowns, we’ve got a shape for everyone.  Over the years, we’ve expanded into other specialty pasta lines like our certified organic and vegan Pasta and Mac ‘n Cheese for Kids! We wanted our pasta to be like no other, so ensured to create high quality, kosher, high protein pasta. We stay away from artificial flavours or colours and primarily work in an egg-free and nut-free plant. We guarantee superior texture and taste. So grab a bowl, and sit at our table!

The World is full of Pastabilities®!