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The New Primal

The New Primal

The New Primal Kitchen wants to make your kitchen more primal! A variety of marinades, saices and spices that full of delicious and unique flavours. With no added sugars, gluten-free, and certified paleo, get ready to elevate your cooking. 

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At The New Primal, we’re making your kitchen more primal! Founded by Florida-native Jason Burke, The New Primal was created to bring more hands in the kitchen and more hearts around the table. The New Primal began when a love for delicious food, a healthy lifestyle, and a carnivorous appetite combined to create grass-fed beef jerky right in Jason’s work office. Jason was a hungry and curious foodie that kept a dehydrator with his special beef jerky in his work drawer (as we all should), and soon began to draw in co-workers with the smell and the flavours. Soon enough, Jason began receiving orders for his beef jerky, and the seeds for The New Primal were planted. It was not long until Jason got his hands on a test kitchen and began creating the recipes that you can now enjoy at home! From condiments to sauces, The New Primal has it all. The New Primal marinades, sauces, and spices will not only speed up your cooking prep, but they will also keep you nourished and satisfied all year long. Our goal at The New Primal is to help you gather everyone around the table with delicious flavours, and keep them coming back for seconds. These sauces, marinades, and spices are Whole30 Approved with no added sugars, certified Paleo and Gluten-Free, containing no soy, dairy, or even oil. From meat to fish or even veggies, these marinades make every recipe a hit, pleasing novice and expert chefs alike (we know, we’ve tested them all!). Are you in?