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Are you ready to let your tastebuds fly? Thunderbird superfood bars are here and they’re just soaring with flavor! Wholesomely made with nothing but what Mother Nature offers, these paleo, high fiber bars will keep your energy and spirits up throughout your day!
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Thunderbird came to be from two triathletes who had an inspiration to create a whole foods energy bar that was also great tasting. They first established this idea in 2010, in Austin, Texas, where to this day, Thunderbird continues to soar across the markets. Thunderbird is all about making real, wholesome foods and ingredients is all that’s needed to make delicious and also better for you type of foods, and they were right! Using solely what mother nature can offer, these two triathletes and their friends and family members all pooled their knowledge together to create Thunderbird energy bars!



Thunderbird superfood energy bars are everything good about mother nature, tweaked to perfection just for you! Their paleo compliant bars are gluten-free, vegan friendly and high in fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer!