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RX Bar Chocolate Sea Salt, 1 bar

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Dairy Free

GMO Free

No Added Sugar or Sweeteners

No Artificial Ingredients

Soy Free


An indulgent combination of 100% pure chocolate spiked with savory sea salt, this protein bar has only 6-8 whole food ingredients and boasts 12 grams of egg white protein, 4 grams of fiber, nutrition-rich fruits and nuts, no gluten, dairy or soy and has zero added sugar. This is as decadent as a protein bar can get. RXBARs are perfect as a convenient breakfast, on-the-go snack or as pre-or-post workout fuel.


Dates, Egg Whites, Almonds, Cashews, 100% Chocolate, Sea Salt, Natural Chocolate Flavor

Reviews For RX Bar Chocolate Sea Salt, 1 bar

Salty chocolate (in a good way)

2 weeks ago

I LOVED the salty, chocolate-y flavour. Some people don't like the chewy texture of RXbars, but I enjoy it. I'll definitely order more of this flavour!

- Jill

Convenient Bar for on the Go

3 weeks ago

I like these bars. I will continue to buy them cause they are convenient snack to have if you dont have a meal prepared or if your on the go. The texture is a little sticky, but other than that the chocolate sea salt flavour is good.

- Susan

So good!

4 weeks ago

Oh my god. After years of paying ridiculous shipping and duties so that I could have some paleo friendly foods on stand by for snack emergencies, I literally did a happy dance when I found Naturamarket had these. I'm not a fan of Larabars and these are so much better....dense and fudgy with protein to boot. Now I'm just waiting for the Maple Sea Salt flavour! :D

- Tianna Walker


1 month ago

Clean ingredients that taste like decadence! So glad I can finally get these in Canada!

- Mariah

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