Siete Botana Sauce Chamoy, 286g

Why You’ll Love It
A little sweet, a little sour, a little spicy and a whole ‘lot of deliciousness. With its perfect balance of sweetness and heat, Siete’s chamoy botana sauce uses a unique blend of fruits and peppers to get that classic sweet and tangy flavour you grew up eating! With chiles to give it a hint of heat, dates for just the right amount of sweetness, and limes and hibiscus for a tangy kick, this all-natural chamoy can be used as a sauce, dip, or condiment on anything from tacos to fruits, and even your next cocktail! A fruity hot sauce that will transport you straight to the streets of Mexico with every dip, drizzle, and pour!

Water, Tapioca syrup, Pear puree concentrate, Apple juice concentrate, Dates, Apricot puree concentrate, Lime juice concentrate, Sea salt, Guajillo pepper powder, New Mexico chile powder, Hibiscus powder