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After being unsatisfied by regular chili oils that contained preservatives, MSG, and stabilizers, Abokichi was born out of a necessity to find natural and better alternatives to processed foods. So, one of the co-founders decided to bring the influence of Japan to Toronto. She started selling onigiri (Japenese rice balls) at a local farmers' market. But there was one hitch, there weren’t many options for natural chili oils that she could pair with the onigiri. Then started the journey into Okazu chili oil.

After Abokichi made and bottled their first chili oil (the original Chili Miso Sesame Oil Condiment), it quickly became an in-demand essential to many Canadians. Today, they carry three varieties of chili sesame oil condiments. All three of their sesame oil condiments are vegan, low-carb, and gluten-free. Making them a healthy and flavourful experience that anyone can enjoy!

Abokichi believes in upcycling ingredients and minimizing food waste when it comes to its products. They are deemed the ‘Upcycling Food Brand’. Reducing waste is a core value at Abokichi and they strive each time a product is made, to better their standards and the shape of our planet.

Not only are Abokichi Okazu chili oils delicious and made with natural ingredients, but they are also award-winning and have been featured in The Toronto Star, The National Post, Toronto Life, FoodiePages and are a winner of the Foodie Pick Awards. Okazu was also chosen recently as a Gold Winner for the 2020 sofi™ Awards, for creativity and great taste. They were chosen out of 1800 marinades, dressings and condiments. Now that’s something!