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Better Ramen

What’s better than ramen? Having more time on your hands and with Better Ramen’s gluten-free, vegan friendly instant ramen cups and noodles, you can have all the time you need throughout your day and still have yourself a stellar DIY meal ready in just minutes!

Want a Better Ramen? Well, do we have the perfect brand for you! Like their namesake, Better Ramen is here to, well, be the better ramen brand to stock up in your pantries! With easy cooking instructions and fast cooking times, these ramen noodle cups and noodle cakes are a quick and convenient thing to make on the fly when your day is just whizzing by! Make the better choice and choose Better Ramen, we’re sure you’ll absolutely love their brown rice noodle soups, and no need to go to some fancy restaurant when you can have the restaurant quality right at home, and make it your own way too! 



Better Ramen’s instant ramen cups come in two fantastic flavours, Japanese Curry for those who love the umami spice of Japanese cuisine and original, which has its own warm, hits just the right spot flavor palette! Vegan and gluten-free, Better Ramen sets itself apart with their brown rice noodles that cook quickly and easily!