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“Wanna go on an adventure for the perfect ingredients, Baby Bear?” Asked Goldy with a chipper grin. “Oh yes, let’s! I want to make the best meal for us to share!” Replied Baby Bear, taking her hand. And from their friendship came the breakfast that was just right; Goldy’s Superseed Cereal!
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Long ago, a young girl named Goldy befriended a furry friend named Baby Bear over their love of porridge and set off hand in hand to find a healthy breakfast meal that was just right for them! They searched all throughout the lands, hand picking the most wholesome and delicious ingredients to create the perfect breakfast recipe that was just right for everyone and came to make the Goldy’s Superseed Cereal. Goldy and Baby Bear loved their cereal so much that they wanted to share it with us, and we couldn’t be more thankful! In 5 delicious flavors, these vegan friendly cereals are just the right meal to add to your diet!

Have Goldy’s Superseed Cereal your way, want it a bit hot in the early morning like Papa Bear? Or a bit cool in the evening like Mama Bear? You can have it all and always have it just right, there’s no wrong way to enjoy this nutritious breakfast cereal. With chia seeds as a scrumptious base for all their amazing cereals, you’ll have a full, happy tummy and boost in energy throughout all your adventures all day long. 


Goldy’s Superseed Cereal is made with a chia seed base that helps promote gut health and boost both your energy and mood. These high in protein and fiber seeds are truly super and have them in a delicious, quick and easy to make cereal. Mix it with a little milk of your choice, stir well and wait 5 minutes; this is the golden 1 to 1 ratio for a perfect bowl that’s just right for you!