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Graza is on a mission to shake up the extra virgin olive oil game. We're redefining what it means to be a premium, small-batch olive oil bottler. Don't label us as just another olive oil company - we're here to change things and make you rethink what a good olive oil should taste like

Introducing Graza - the rebel of the extra virgin olive oil world! We're here to shake things up and bring you the fresh, never-blended, single-origin olive oil you deserve.

We know that the extra vrigin olive oil game can be shady, with old, low-quality oils being passed off as the real deal. But with Graza, you can trust that you're getting the good stuff packed with antioxidants. Our 100% Picual olives come straight from Jaen, Spain - the motherland of olive oil.

And don't get us started on freshness! Most olive oils you find on the shelves are over a year old. Yikes! Graza, on the other hand, is picked, pressed, bottled, and shipped all in the same season–so you can taste the difference in every drop! We even put the harvest date right on the label, because we're just that proud of our fresh-as-can-be olive oil. Can your other olive oil do that?

But we're not just about freshness and quality. We're also about making your life easier and more fun. That's why we've put our olive oil in a squeezy bottle - no more fussing around with glass bottles or messy spills. It's time to say goodbye to shady, blended oils and hello to the fresh and delicious taste of Graza.