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KC Natural

KC Natural

From the heart of the BBQ capital of the world, KC Natural brings classic Kansas City flavours in their line of tomato-free and nightshade-free sauces! Paleo and AIP-friendly, you can fire up the grill with these classic homestyle staples.

Introducing KC Natural - the sauciest, spiciest, and most flavour-packed brand in town! Founded by Brendon O'Neill, a BBQ sauce enthusiast from the self-proclaimed world capital of BBQ, Kansas City, who refused to let allergies hold him back. KC Natural started with a simple idea - create nightshade-free BBQ sauce that tasted just as good as the real thing. And boy, did they deliver!

Our first hit product, the Mastodon BBQ sauce, was an instant sensation, and soon, KC Natural expanded its range to offer a complete line of nightshade-free products. Today, we're proud to offer a full line of paleo and AIP products that are inspired by classic homestyle staples. Whether you're looking for a tomato-free pasta sauce, nightshade-free BBQ sauce, or a carrot ketchup-style product, we've got you covered! Our family-owned facility with small-batch production ensures that each and every jar is made with care.