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One Degree Organic Foods

One Degree Organic Foods

One Degree Organic Foods began with a small family and a big idea: to make food transparency a reality by allowing consumers to meet every farmer and see every ingredient! With 100% transparency and full traceability, you can track our food from farm to table with the scannable QR codes on all of our products!

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Did you know that the “O” in “awesome” stands for One Degree? It’s true, we don’t like to brag but our products are truly awesome. One Degree began with a small family and a big idea. After reading some questionable food labels, we became curious as to where our food actually comes from. But, the one problem we always faced was lack of transparency, it seemed as if traceability was not an option in the food market.

As seasoned farmers and health enthusiasts, we knew that nutrition is influenced by everything from the type of soil to farming techniques to farmers, so we felt that we, as consumers, weren’t receiving all the information we needed to make the best decisions. So, we decided to pave the way for consumers and producers; We created One Degree on the premise of offering our consumers 100% transparency.

With One Degree, you have the power to meet every farmer and see every ingredient in our products, just like the farmer’s market. Each of our products comes with a scannable QR code so you can easily track your product from farm to table. We use only the best vegan and organic ingredients and ensure that all of our products are free of gluten, GMOs, and sustainable. As passionate foodies, we taste every product right in our kitchen and ensure that it meets the standards of our toughest critics.

With One Degree, you can trust that you’ll always get the most nutrient-rich, earthy, and naturally flavourful gluten-free oats and cereals. Don’t believe us? Scan for yourself and see!