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Nick's Sticks

At Nick’s Sticks, we believe that all meat snacks should be high in quality, protein, and ready-to-go wherever you go. So, we created our mouth-watering, 100% grass-fed beef snacks to allow you to enjoy a high-protein snack 100% sacrifice-free. High in quality, protein and flavour, these delicious meat snack sticks are better for you and your family. Perfect as a post-workout snack or a midday pick-me-up, these snacks give you the nutrients you need to thrive and recover quickly from a workout or from your daily demands. Handcrafted in small batches, we only use 100% grass-fed beef from cattle that indulged in the sunshine, green grass and a lavish terrain. We keep our meat stick snacks, straightforward and uncomplicated so you never have to google the ingredients on our food label. With Nick’s Sticks you can trust that our beef sticks are paleo, keto-friendly, Whole30 approved, gluten-free and full of nourishing ingredients and no garbage. With all the delicious flavour and benefits, you know that Nick’s Sticks will always be the right choice.