Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Teff Flour, 567g

Why You’ll Love It

What is Teff Flour you ask? Teff flour is a gluten-free, high protein and high fibre flour made from the smallest grain in the world! Each 1/4 cup serving of this flour adds 7g of plant-based protein to help you easily meet your protein needs. Packed with fibre, Teff flour helps keep your blood sugar levels stable, your cholesterol down, and your hunger under control. Mildly nutty in flavour and packed with vitamins and minerals, Teff flour is a great addition to porridge, stews, pilaf or baked goods. Delicious and easy to make, Teff flour is an easy replacement for regular flour that adds an exotic flavour and a bundle of nutrients! Use it to make veggie burgers, cakes, bread, cookies and more!

Whole Grain Teff.
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