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ALOHA’s here with all of its plant-based goodness and we couldn’t be happier! High in protein and low in sugar, these organic vegan protein bars will make you want to hula!
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Say ALOHA to plant-based protein bars to give you that boost in protein throughout your days! Made densely with plant based protein and with healthy fats, these protein bars will be just what you need. From a midday snack to a post workout snack, ALOHA has got your back no matter the time of the day you’re craving some extra protein in a sweet way! ALOHA’s mission as a whole is to be part of the bigger scheme to make the world a better, more habitable place, with their plant based products, they’re making small waves towards this goal!  



ALOHA’s high protein bars are gluten free, organic and delicious! With a whopping 14g of protein per serving, you can enjoy protein in a whole new, easy way. Say goodbye to those bland protein snacks and say aloha to ALOHA!