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Tired of the lumpy bits of undissolved protein powder in your drink? ALT Protein is here and they’re the answer to your prayers! Using clear grass-fed whey isolate, now your protein can dissolve seamlessly and quickly!



ALT’s products are made for the active, on the go lifestyle. What does ALT mean, you ask? ALT is an abbreviation and an acronym for ALTernative and means Active Lifestyle Tech, and it’s ALT’s mission as a brand to continually innovate and create products using the best ingredients!  



ALT Clear Protein’s products are made with clear grass-fed whey isolate and are packed with 21g of it! Seamlessly dissolvable in hot or cold beverages, you can enjoy your protein boost in a snap! Keto-friendly and with no added sugars, you can sip up your protein intake easily and feel great about it!