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Awake Chocolate

Awake Chocolate

There’s a lot of different ways to wake up in the morning; coffee, tea, or energy drinks, but with Awake Chocolate, you can get that same kick of caffeine in your mornings in a sweet chocolate form! Just 2 squares of their chocolate is the equivalent of a cup of coffee!

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Want an easier way to stay awake and love yourself some premium, delicious chocolate? Introducing Awake Caffeinated Chocolate, which is the perfect way to start your day and take away the need to hit snooze on your alarm!  

Founded by close friends Matt Schnarr, Dan Tzotzis and Adam Deremo in early 2012, these three amigos left their careers with an abundance of knowledge of the consumer packaged goods industry to begin a new venture and created Awake Chocolate, and the rest is history! 

This vegan-friendly, gluten-free chocolate is the sweet without the bitter, the perfect way to wake up without coffee or sugary energy drinks, and is great to take on the go with you! Get that crucial boost of energy every morning and start loving waking up! No more trying to power through your day running on burnt coffee fumes, do all that you need to do and then some with just 2 squares of Awake Chocolate that yields the same caffeine as an average cup of jo’, medium caffeinated tea or energy drink, now that’s an owl lotta caffeine! Just ask their spokesowl, Nevil, who’s an expert on staying awake!