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Barbara's Bakery

Name a cuter brand with an adorable puffin mascot? We’ll wait. Barbara’s Bakery checks those boxes! Their motto ‘Live. Laugh. Snack!’ is one we can get behind. Barbara’s Bakery is a health-conscious snack and cereal company catered towards kids. With fibre and protein-rich products that the kids will surely enjoy, what’s not to love about Barbara’s Bakery. Feeling snacky mid-day? Don’t worry, we got you! Try Barbara's Bakery Original Cheese Puffs, for all your cheese-centred cravings. Psssst! They’re gluten-free too!

It is proven that the parts of our brains that activate when we eat something we enjoy are positive and make us happy. There is a direct correlation between eating good food and feeling happy, and Barbara’s Bakery wants to ensure that happens every time you enjoy one of their snacks or cereals. Barbara’s truly cares and wants you to spend less time trying to decide on a healthy option and more time being with the people that make you smile. They make healthy eating, easy!

Packed with healthy grains and less sugar than your regular sugary cereals, it’s no wonder why everyone loves these. We’re going back to basics with this brand by simplifying the snacking game. Why don’t you join us? We’re sure you’ll love it here!