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BEAR Snacks

BEAR Snacks

Here’s the bear truth and nothing but the fruit about BEAR snacks, they are made with 100% natural ingredients, using the whole fruit, not just the juice and never any concentrates, additives, or sugars! Containing nothing but just the goodness of fruits, have these snacks whenever you’re in the mood for fruit!

BEAR snacks founder, Hayley Gait-Golding, read an article in 2009 that really resonated with her. The article drew research between city bears, who’d gone into cities to forage from junk foods to their wild bear counterparts, who’d still remained and thrived from yields from the forest. The city bears, having had forages from a diet consisting of junk food, were much unhealthier and less active, thus leading to most of their wild bear counterparts to outlive the city bears by at least 60%. 

Thus, she decided, after hearing from a number of friends and family expressing the same concerns about getting natural, real fruits in their diets, that she would create healthier alternatives to the processed foods and snacks of today, and BEAR snacks was born! BEAR snacks takes the complicated labels chalk full of sugars and preservatives and throws it right out the window, offering a simple, healthier choice for parents and a fun choice for their kids in cute snack forms! 


BEAR snacks made their products with nothing but the best and natural ingredients that grow on trees that’s slowly dried to perfection to preserve the fruit fibers! With absolutely no preservatives, sugars, concentrates, or nonsense additives, BEAR snacks are pure, natural deliciousness, from the yields of the forest straight to your mouth!