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Honey, there’s a big storm coming. What kind of storm, you ask? A storm of delicious, plant based goodness and flavor, so get in line to try Belicious today!
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Using the knowledge of three generations of honey producers, Belicious is a family company that explores honey in a different way! Sure, we all love that teaspoon of honey to melt in our teas or drizzled on top of our pancakes, but Belicious is all about convenience with their raw honey infused sparkling waters. Canned to take on the go anywhere life takes you, you can feel as happy as a bee while enjoying Belicious’s sparkling waters! Take it with you to the office, enjoy at home, or serve at a party, there’s never a wrong time to enjoy Belicious, and because it’s made with real, raw honey, their sparkling waters are chalk full of nutrients like antioxidants, which can support your body’s natural immune system. Belicious is all about looking and feeling good from the inside out!   



Belicious sparkling waters are the life of the party! Made with antioxidant rich, raw honey, Belicious’s sparkling waters are not only delicious but also good for you. No more sporting waters during those parties and social gatherings, now you can enjoy life Belicious-ly!