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Meet your new belly bestie with Belliwelli’s soft baked, gluten free, probiotic snack bars! Certified low FODMAP, gluten free and with zero bloating, these snacks are the perfect thing to have to give your tummy a break while still being able to snack on all your favorites!

BelliWelli founder Katie was familiar with the daily struggles people afflicted with IBS are facing and decided to do something about it! She recognized that over 70% of the adult population suffers through some gastrointestinal concerns, and Katie was all too familiar with it and the constant treatments that she’d had undergone throughout her life to try and combat her IBS. After years of tiring treatments and consultations, Katie wanted to instead focus on treats that people like her could enjoy without compromising anything and without worries. With her husband and genius chef at her side every step of the way, he’d spent countless hours devoting to crafting gut friendly treats that Katie could eat without worry, and thus BelliWelli was born! 

BelliWelli’s soft bakes, probiotic snack bars are snacks that come with belly benefits! Certified low FODMAP, gluten free and high in fiber with no nonsense ingredients that can aggravate IBS or any other tummy troubles, these bars were made to give your digestive system a break while still being able to enjoy snacking! It’s time to show your insides some Welli lovin’ with BelliWelli’s snacks. 


Belliwelli’s probiotic snacks are the perfect low FODMAP snack to have on the go or right at home! Both high in fiber and in protein, these gluten free, soft baked snack bars. This snack line is made for and by people with IBS and other notable tummy troubles. No bloating, just superfood, easy on anyone’s tummy ingredients, it’s time to start feeling Welli in your Belli!