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Better Bovine

Better Bovine

Holy cow, it’s Better Bovine! As its namesake, it’s bovine that’s well, better! Made from premium wagyu beef without the excess sugar or salty marinades, just a touch of salt and pepper to compliment the grass fed, wagyu beef flavor because simplicity is simply the best!

Better Bovine believes in snacking better and that the convenience store jerky could be elevated into a high quality, good for you snack! They’re disrupting the jerky world with their 100% grass fed, wagyu beef jerky strips, relying on minimal spices to only enhance the natural beef flavor. Their ongoing mission is to provide Canadians everywhere with a great tasting and sustainable snack that’s also high in protein and other nutrients, while simultaneously being able to accommodate the ever changing dietary lifestyles out there! Their jerky is certified non-GMO and humane, and is made without the use of any added hormones or antibiotics, there’s really no fuss, their jerky is simply just a must! Better Bovine focuses on using better ingredients while still maintaining the natural taste of what beef jerky snacks could really be by going an extra mile, which is 100% real and tasty! 




Better Bovine’s Wagyu Beef Jerky is made with 100% premium Japanese wagyu grass fed beef! It’s a jerky snack like never before and is the perfect high protein snack for those who are on a keto or paleo diet.