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Unlike any other brand, our products were loved by professional athletes before we even had a brand name. One day, our sugar-free hydration drink mix wandered into the locker rooms of professional athletes and they quickly fell in love with the flavour and the all-natural nutritious ingredients. We quickly realized that top athletes hadn’t tasted anything like it before, they were used to fillers, artificial ingredients, caffeine, sugar, and other harmful ingredients, all that can hinder their athletic performance. So, we decided to set the standard for sports nutrition with all-natural, plant-based ingredients that will fuel your performance and recovery. Our products are free of banned substances and approved for sports by the National Sports Foundation. Our products are built with the athlete in mind, no matter if you’re a newbie or a top dog, our products can make the difference in your results. Today, we’ve become athletes’ right-hand brand when it comes to all things sports nutrition. With no added sugars, caffeine, and all-natural ingredients it's no wonder that we’re the #1 choice for athletes everywhere!