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Blue Monkey

Have yourself a stay-cation with this tropical vacation in a can! Serve it chilled to enjoy the sparkling waters of Blue Monkey’s sparkling tropical beverages and beach happy!
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Tropic like it’s hot and sail away with these Blue Monkey tropical sparkling beverages! Founded in 2009 from husband and wife duo, Simon and Mary-Jane Ginsberg, this family-owned company makes their tropical fruit beverage line from the whole fruit and never from concentrate so you can enjoy the full, rich taste of the fruits from those tropical islands that we all like to fly away to. Instead of booking a roundtrip ticket, now you can bring a little of that tropical energy home with these sparkling beverages made with refined carbonation to really bring out those natural flavors so you can fully immerse yourself in that tropical experience!  

Have yourself a mini vacay right in the comfort of your own home with these high in vitamin C sparkling beverages that contain absolutely no preservatives, no additives, and no added sugars. Best served chilled, these tropical treasures can be enjoyed as they are or mixed into another beverage of your choice for a fusion of true tropical taste!       


Packed at the source, these halal certified, tropical fruit beverages are made with refined carbonation to enhance the natural flavor profile! With no preservatives, additives or added sugars, these beverages are made from the whole fruit, and not from concentrate, so you can experience these beverages to the fullest!