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Calbee Harvest Snaps

Calbee Harvest Snaps is calling with the crisp, crunch of veggie snacks that can be heard all throughout the room. Crunchy and delicious, enjoy a full harvest of flavors with Calbee Harvest Snaps.
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Harvest all the good things of nature with Calbee Harvest Snaps snacks. Veggie snacks reimagined, say goodbye to those plain old carrot or celery sticks and say hello to Calbee Harvest Snaps gluten-free baked veggie snacks!



Calbee Harvest Snaps has got the snap you need to keep your mouth busy all day long! Gluten free, and high in protein and in fiber, these veggie snacks are baked and seasoned to perfection. Get your veggies in through a crunchy and delicious way!