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Get ready to start walking on cloud 9 with this fluffy, delicious cotton candy from Candy Crate Sweet Shop! These sweet confections are as soft and craveable as your favorite childhood snack but without all of the artificial colors or preservatives, now that’s something to feel great about!
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Relive all of your childhood memories with this delicious and nostalgic snack that you’d get during summer carnivals or fall fairs without all the processed ingredients or artificial flavors; Candy Crate Sweet Shop’s organic cotton candy with no dyes! Founded by Anita Saini and her entrepreneurial spirit, Candy Crate Sweet Shop’s cotton candy is the healthier alternative to refined sugars and made with simple, organic ingredients without compromising that memorable cotton candy taste and texture! With color and flavors from organic fruits and vegetables, these puffy, cotton candy is the confection of your health dreams! No more compromising on this nostalgic and tasty treat, now you can enjoy cotton candy without all the extra preservatives, just real sugar cane goodness!  


Candy Crate Sweet Shop’s cotton candy is an all natural and all organic candy that you can indulge yourself in. Say goodbye to those artificial colors and dyes because at the Candy Create Sweet Shop, they believe in real, healthy snacking with the best and wholesome ingredients. Vegan and plant based, this is a sweet that you can fall in love with all over again with no compromises!