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Clever Mocktails

There’s something clever about Clever Mocktails, we just can’t put our finger on it, but we can certainly put our taste buds to it! Vegan friendly and plant based, these mocktails aren’t a mockery of anything, just clever flatteries of their cocktail counterparts, all without the booze!

Crafted in Canada, Clever Mocktails are made with nothing but the finest botanicals sourced meticulously and locally. Clever Mocktails are distilled in small batches with just the right amount of botanicals that are extracted in an authentic copper to retain and capture all the vibrant flavors. Using the herbs, spices, fruit peels and fruits, among a myriad of other botanicals, it brings forth all the unique and complex layers that make Cleve Mocktails, well, clever! It’s all the things that you love about a regular cocktail, just without the alcohol content, thus leaving a fantastic, non-alcoholic drink that leaves you feeling good while drinking it, and it’s tasty too! 



Clever Mocktails are vegan and plant based beverages that contain all the classic tastes of your favorite cocktails, just without the booze! Enjoy Clever Mocktails any time of the day, and make every moment a party!