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Deebee's Organics

Deebee's Organics

Freeze your worries away with DeeBee’s Organics products! DeeBee’s Organics founder, Dr Dionne Laslo-Baker is a Canadian expert on the impacts of environmental toxins in the food chain and on child health. What started as an idea to satisfy her kids’ cravings has in a handful of years grown to be one of Canada’s leading natural frozen novelty brands.

“DeeBee’s Organics aims to recreate those treats we knew and loved as kids (but now wouldn’t dare feed our own children) into clean, short labelled, chemical-free, delicious, fruit-based treats for today’s modern family.” says Dr. Dionne. Dr. Dionne’s mission is to make ‘conscious’ snacking fun! DeeBee’s products are vegan, kosher, organic, and are free of added sugars, gluten, GMO’s, dairy, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and the big 8 allergens. So instead of a sugar-rush, you’ll experience a rush of flavours!

Aside from creating delicious treats, Deebee’s is a certified B-Corporation leading positive change in environmental sustainability and positively impacting its employers, customers and communities through charitable initiatives and sustainable business practices.

Experience nostalgia, with no compromise! Try Deebee’s Organics today and look for even more new and exciting products coming to store shelves in 2021!