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WARNING: These tasty and healthy snacks from Element Snacks may just become your new favourites! We didn’t mean to alarm you but the hype is real with these new all-natural rice cakes. Perfect as a pre or post-workout snack, these rice cakes are a Feel Good Indulgence™. Element Snacks is stepping up the rice cakes game! Forget about those stale and boring rice cakes you’re used to and bite into these elevated and sweet treats that are a great pantry staple.

The combo of velvety smooth chocolate (or peanut butter) and crunchy, crispy rice is something anyone can enjoy. And clocking in at only 80 calories per rice cake, we can guarantee these cakes are positively packed with good flavour and make for a nutritious snack alternative. All of their snacks are, get this, organic or non-GMO, and certified gluten-free and kosher!

Element Snacks is committed to creating satisfying and uniquely healthy snacks that bring back snacking to its core. They use wholesome and organic ingredients to make their products that much better for you. These rice cakes are made to make you feel your best, and that can all start right now!