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A dairy farmer who’s now in the industry of making dairy-free nut milks? Yes, you’ve got it right! Henry Schwartz, the owner of Elmhurst closed the doors on his family’s 90 year old dairy farm in 2016, after seeing the evolution of the milk industry. But Henry was intrigued by the decline in dairy consumption, which was a result of healthier diet changes, innovative plant-based alternatives, and the awareness of the impact the dairy industry has on the environment. Henry knew that plant-based milks were the future and so in 2017, Elmhurst reappeared with it’s preserved, iconic name - but this time as an innovative plant-based milk company instead! Made from simple, wholesome ingredients and with their zero waste production process, which maximizes the plant-based milks nutritional value, Elmhurst offers clean label plant-based milks that are better for you! Free from GMOs , these gluten-free, dairy free oat and nut milks are a healthier low sugar, low calorie option to other plant-based milks and dairy milks. Elmhurst plant-based milks are rich and creamy in texture and made without any emulsifiers or artificial flavours. These plant-based milks are sure to be your new substitute for your morning coffee, cereal, smoothie, oatmeal, baking needs, and more!