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Brain energy running on fumes? Feed it with Feed That Brain’s gummies and collagen! Ethically sourced and backed by 20+ years of researching wellness and health, nourishing both your body and mind is both easy and convenient!

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Guided by creative force and business developer Joe Mimran, Feed That Brain’s mission is to make getting healthy as brilliantly easy as 1, 2, 3. Feed That Brain’s company understands the demand for a healthier lifestyle for the more modern diets out there, but also the numerous struggles that come from deciding what’s good for you and how you can get the most out of what you’re putting into your body, especially when it comes to labels and how both your gut and your brain feel when you’re eating what you’re eating! 

With formulas backed by science and ethically sourced ingredients, Feed That Brain uses their 20+ years of experience in health and wellness to research the gut-brain connection, and how what we eat impacts not only our bodies in physical ways but also our mental health, mood, emotions and sleep. They believe that optimal health should be a stress free concept, with no confusing labels or ingredients, but full transparency, convenience and ease! Feed That Brain has carefully crafted their formulas and ingredients to provide nutrients for your whole body, not just one part. No compromises or cutting corners with their products, just effective and delicious nutrition for your mind and body. Smart, right? 


Feed That Brain’s all about functionality and nurturing your mind and body with their carefully created formula curated with the utmost transparency and effectiveness using ethically sourced, high quality ingredients! From immunity boosting to anti stress, their functional gummies and collagen aid in brain health as well as physical.