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Buen Provecho con Fillo’s vegan walking tamales! Bold flavors in a conveniently sized pouch that gives you a little protein boost and can be enjoyed anywhere from the home to on the go? What could be better than that?
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Co-founders Daniel and Antonio Caballero had grown up with every family meal having a side of frijoles (beans) seasoned with sofritos - a blend of herbs, spices, and vegetables cooked in olive oil. Their father (nicknamed Fillo) had told his sons that sofritos was a known dish while he’d grown up in Cuba, and that they were packed with both flavor and nutrients, and this is where the inspiration to create Fillo’s came from!

At Fillo’s, they believe in keeping traditional foods alive by revolutionizing them to the modern day diet and finding new and convenient ways to enjoy them. Going on a walk or need something nutritious on the go? Fillo’s has got your back with their flavourful, sofrito spiced, vegan walking tamales. Their convenient packaging allows for you to take these tamales on the go and adds a kick in your step with a small boost of protein! Eat it straight out of the pouch or pop it into the microwave for a few seconds for a flavourful snack, or use your own garnishes, side and add ons for the ultimate Fillo’s fiesta! 


Fillo’s walking tamales are chalk full of protein and fiber! These tamales are a delicious and nutritious snack that you can take anywhere with you on the go or enjoy right at home. With bold flavors from sofrito, these tamales are a vegan delight to enjoy whenever you’re in a snacking mood!