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Flourish Pancakes

Flourish Pancakes

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At Flourish, we set out to solve a really simple problem - the lack of healthy and convenient breakfast food available. We were determined to create nutritious alternatives to breakfast classics and after many failed attempts with professional chefs and passionate foodies, we came up with the perfect recipe! Initially, we thought about keeping our discovery a secret, but we decided that a world where everyone can enjoy healthy pancakes and waffles is a world we want to live in, so we created Flourish Pancakes! At Flourish Pancakes we’re determined to make breakfast better! Our mission is to transform indulgent crave-worthy foods into healthy alternatives to give your body nourishment without sacrifice. We started with our protein pancake and waffle mix, but we’re just getting started. We’ve recently added a vegan and gluten-free protein pancake and waffle mix, and expanded our flavours to chocolate, chocolate chip and vanilla because breakfast is meant to be enjoyed!