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Fresh Bellies

Fresh Bellies

Welcome to the world of mommy-made goodness and get ready to make healthy snacking fun and authentic again with Fresh Bellies freeze dried, never fried fruits and veggies! It’s time to train your and your little one’s palate with these fun, wholesome snacks!

Fresh Bellies is here to build a new generation of adventurous snacks for everyone to enjoy! Introduce yourself or your little one’s palates to adventurous eating with Fresh Bellies freeze dried, never fried fruits and veggies! For years now, Fresh Bellies and their flavourful snacks have been changing and disrupting the snacking game. With bold and authentic flavors, Fresh Bellies strives to train both big and small palates to crave for healthier, savory snacks and foods, rather than their sugary, processed counterparts. Spice up your kitchen pantry with these awesome and delicious, preservative free snacks that are made with freshly picked herbs and bold spices to make a one of a kind snack. So, say adios to the ordinary, run of the mill snacks and say hola to snacks spiced with herbs and spices commonly found in Latin America such as garlic, cumin and parsley, oh my! Now that’s some bold snacking, if we do say so ourselves! 


Fresh Bellies no added sugar freeze dried, never fried fruits and veggies are kosher certified and preservative free! These wholesome snacks are the perfect way to help your child’s palate to grow while still finding the fun of healthy and authentic snacking.