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Genius Gourmet

Get ready to snack like a genius with Genius Gourmet bars! A blend of healthy and delicious with no compromises, these keto bars are the perfect high protein snack to get you through your day!

Genius Gourmet came about from a simple message; to make great tasting snacks a little more healthy. With a dedication and passion for health and delicious foods, the makers and founders of Genius Gourmet marry these two concepts with no compromises whatsoever with their keto friendly, high protein and fiber snack bars that can be taken on the go wherever life takes you! No more having to choose between a great tasting snack bar and a healthy one, have your healthy snack and enjoy it both in taste and in health, so dine like a genius and feel amazing while doing it with Genius Gourmet high protein, keto bars!



Genius Gourmet keto snack bars come in amazing, classic flavors like peanut butter chocolate, salted caramel and chocolate dream. It’s decadence meets health as these bars are not only great tasting, but makes you feel great while enjoying them as they’re keto-friendly, high protein AND high fiber!