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GimMe Organic

GimMe Organic

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In 2011, we had a vision to adapt a traditional Korean snack to make it healthier for both our bodies and for the environment. We wanted to recreate the well-known superfood seaweed snack but without any harsh chemicals, GMOs, or anything that could negatively affect our bodies or the environment. And, in 2012 we did it. We formulated the first-ever certified organic and non-GMO project verified seaweed that is sustainably cultivated and delicious! We created a crispy seaweed snack that is more nutritious than eating land vegetables, and more eco-friendly than anything you could find on market shelves. Our mission is to bring nutritious and delicious roasted seaweed snacks in globally inspired flavours to snack drawers everywhere. We are leaders in this industry and are committed to creating the best seaweed snacks to help our diets and our environments to flourish. With GimMe Organics, you will always have a nutrient-dense and eco-friendly snack available in a variety of flavours at your fingertips. With GimMe Organic, you’ll always want another bite of roasted seaweed!