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Gratitude Seafood

Gratitude Seafood

Elevate your palette with Gratitude Seafood’s SO-FISH-TICATED Canadian Atlantic high protein salmon!

About Gratitude Seafood 

Gratitude Seafood’s journey started thousands of years ago in the Pacific Northwest. They believe in staying true to their beliefs, their traditional way of life, and themselves. Gratitude Seafood invites you to not only experience and enjoy tasty seafood, but to join their journey in reconnecting and revitalizing communities. These communities are the stewards and harvesters of land and sea!

Gratitude Seafood lives by 4 values: gratitude, taking care, community, and health. It’s their mission to honour and cherish the life line of evolution. This is reflected in the quality products they produce and the care they have for their communities. 

Gratitude Seafood Products 

Gratitude Seafood Products are high in quality AND taste! Their Canadian Atlantic Salmon is collected using Indigenous approved fishing and production methods. Their high protein salmon is fresh and delicious, making it a great protein choice!