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Harmonica’s got the ultimate comfort snack for you made with simple, organic ingredients. From Bulgaria, with the Harmonica love, enjoy the simple joy of their pretzels. Have them in the classic pretzel style or in their thin style, or both! Who says you only have to pick one?

Harmonica’s mission in life is to harmonize the body, soul and life for an enriching and healthy lifestyle by changing the way you think about food. Their journey started 15 years ago in Bulgaria, with its rich ecosystem and diverse, fruitful landscapes, Harmonica works to bring out Bulgaria’s thriving biological diversity, becoming the pioneers of natural and organic food production. 

While expanding their brand and growing partnerships, they’re bringing with them the taste of Bulgaria, a taste of home that’s rich with food and cooking traditions and staying true to authentic recipes, revitalizing them for the masses! Harmonica’s pretzels are made with a few simple, organic ingredients so you can simply enjoy them, no muss, no fuss. 


Harmonica’s organic pretzels are made with organic ingredients and come in two shapes, the classic pretzel style with coconut oil and himalayan salt, and the lightly seasoned sea salt thin style. Have these on the go, just chilling at your house with some family and friends, or even at a harmonica jam session!