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Before founding IWON Organics, we felt that food was always a losing battle. From too many carbs to not enough nutrients, the food market never seemed to have what we needed or liked. We wanted food that would taste good, feel good and be available for our go-go-go lifestyles, so we created IWON Organics. At IWON Organics, our mission is to help you make great choices every time you eat, so you can truly win at food. Together we create sustainable eating habits that will positively impact our perspective on nutrition and food. At IWON Organics, we perfectly balance our snacks' nutritional profiles to deliver high-quality snacks with bold flavours. We don’t cut out food groups, rather we balance typically carb-heavy foods with high-quality protein, healthy fats, and top it off with good vibes. We use a unique plant-based protein blend of peas, beans, and brown rice to fuel your active lifestyle and prevent a carb overload. Our snacks are gluten-free, plant-based, and free of soy and GMOs, making IWON Organics the obvious healthy snacking choice. With IWON Organics, you can feel good and snack better!