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When it comes to dates, Joolies takes the crown. We’ve been at the “date-ing” game for over two decades now, and each year we just get better. It all began at the Kohl Family Farm in Coachella Valley, California. Two decades ago, we harvested the power of the California sunshine and harvested dates that were better than anything we’ve ever tried before.Our secret? Here’s a hint, it has to do with our soil and our abstinence from pesticides, GMOs, herbicides and more. We take into account every detail to ensure that we always put the best naturally sweet products out on the market. Our dates are hand-picked, high in quality, vegan, paleo and AIP-friendly. We believe in living organically and sustainably, so all of our products are USDA organic and sustainably made. At Joolies, we’re on a mission to help you eat better, snack healthier, and improve your overall quality of life. And, what’s the best way to do it? Through our delicious organic medjool dates of course!

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