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Just The Fun Part

Just The Fun Part

Waffle cones just got elevated with Just The Fun Part’s belgian chocolate filled cone ends. Relive all those good childhood memories with this fun, tasty and sweet treat!

They say some meetings are destined in the stars, and when Yigit and Aytur met, the stars were definitely whispering, because they saw something great about to happen! With both well on their way to having careers in the food industry, they bonded over a love of gourmet foods as their careers took off, but found that both their career paths led them opposite ways. Well, the stars definitely had something to say about that and years later, a chance encounter brought Yigit and Aytur back together, where Aytur jumped at the opportunity to ask Yigit to be a part of his newly founded gourmet manufacturing company as he knew there was no one else who knew the business in and out like Yigit did. Fast forwarding years later, after countless hours spent reviewing business trends and wanting to create something that everyone could relate to and enjoy eating, an idea struck Yigit. His research allowed him to discover that the best snacks were ones filled with nostalgia, and one of the most memorable snacks was a sundae cone on those hot summer days, especially the sweet collection at the bottom of the cone. So Yigit thought, why not capture just that fun part? And thus, Just The Fun Part was born! Now with Just The Fun Part conquering the snacking game, it’s more clear than ever that this simple meeting was one of those cosmic encounters, just destined for greatness and sweetness!  


Just The Fun Part’s waffle cones are filled with deliciously rich belgian chocolate. In creamy milk or intensely dark chocolate, say goodbye to competing between which is your favorite, Just The Fun Part’s belgian chocolate cone ends brings the party to dark and milk chocolate lovers all around!