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Make way for King Soba and his chancellor; the ever so cordial, organic, rice paper wraps! Made with 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients, you’ll feel utterly royal using these versatile, healthy wraps!

Founded in 1996 and steadfast in their promise to this day, King Soba came from the minds of a family, who sought for real, wholesome foods for a healthy and nutritious lifestyle and sustainable farming. Made from organically grown whole foods, King Soba’s mission is to make products without the preservatives, or artificial nonsense, just real, wholesome ingredients that are grown sustainably. Their wraps are perfect to use for spring, summer, any season you’re feeling like a roll, gather up all your fixings and roll as easy as 1, 2, 3! These wraps are so easy to prepare that you’re sure to feel like royalty yourself! 



King Soba’s organic rice paper rolls are made with simple, non-GMO ingredients. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients, just real and organic ingredients that you can feel great about, because at King Soba, leading a life of wellness equals happiness!