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Le Guerbois

Crafted with no sugar added, Le Guerbois gourmet chocolate uses sustainable chocolate that captures the classic, rich flavours you’ve come to love about chocolate with a twist! Indulge yourself with chocolate that’s crafted with love and an appreciation for art!

Named after Cafe Guerbois, which was a meeting place in the 19th century for artists, writers and art lovers, Le Guerbois comes to us in the modern day and brings with it that same essence of art and beauty to be found within, showcasing timeless art pieces from different, prominent french artists on their sustainable packaging from Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas to the ever ageless Van Gogh. Le Guerbois gourmet chocolate is decadence personified and made with love, not sugar. Enjoy the moment with Le Guerbois gourmet chocolates that’s so beautiful and rich, you’ll feel like you’re in a renaissance painting yourself!



Le Guerbois gourmet chocolates are keto friendly, high in fiber and made using sustainably sourced cocoa. Le Guerbois’s chocolates captures a beautiful moment with every artful packaging that showcases classic impressionist paintings from a variety of artists.