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The Delicious Save-the-day Sidekicks you can Take with you Anywhere

  • Each Lebby flavor is guilt-free and irresistibly delicious. Take your pick from our rich line up. There are no wrong answers.
  • Lebby dry-roasted chickpeas are packed with protein, fiber, and – most of all – flavor.
  • Dry roasted – that means no oil, no salt, no additives – no exceptions. It’s a recipe that’s been around for ages, but we bet you’ve never tasted anything like it.
  • Small in size, big in flavor!
  • Each chickpea is packed with protein and fiber. They contain up to 73% less fat than peanuts without welshing on taste. You’ll wonder how we did it!

Our Story

  • So, are they some slick new invention? Nope, not at all - in fact our artisanal Mediterranean recipe dates back over 500 years. We’re proud to bring them from the street sellers of our childhood straight to you - and now they’re bursting with the modern, bold, delicious flavors you’ve been craving.

How We Make ‘Em

  • Lebby chickpeas have an authentic flavor and homespun texture everyone’s raving about. They’re dry roasted - that means no oil, no salt, no additives - no exceptions.
  • We only use earth's elements to roast our chickpeas: fire, water, air. Our classic recipe has been around for 500 years, and we’re sticking to it!
  • We take this time-honored recipe and make it modern with our four bold flavors. What you get is an addictive guilt-free snack that’s been around for ages - but you’ve probably never tasted anything like it.

1. We round up the freshest chickpeas.
- Only the freshest top-quality chickpeas make the cut.

2. We roast ‘em (3 times).
- The chickpeas are fire-roasted, then left to rest for 10 days in burlap sacks. We repeat this process two more times, then lay our chickpeas open out in the fresh air.

3. We soak 'em.
- After soaking, we place them into burlap sacks for resting once again.

4. We heat ‘em up one last time.
- The next day, our chickpeas are heated in large tin containers, while a rustic wooden knob separates the outer shell of the chickpeas.

5. Cool and Flavor 'em.
- Now roasted to perfection and cooled, we spice 'em up with delicious flavors like chocolate or mocha.