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Lenny & Larry's

Lenny & Larry's has been on a mission since 1993 to create delicious, high-quality baked goods with a unique twist – adding extra protein for an energy boost in every bite!

Two friends, a gym, and a cup of coffee.

No, it's not the start of a joke—it's the beginning of Lenny & Larry's journey. Benny and Barry were just two guys who loved to work out and take their muscle gains very seriously (Barry was even on American Gladiators!). But it got boring eating the same old protein bars every day. And while drinking coffee after a morning workout one day, they realized: why can't they add protein to their favourite foods? So that's exactly what they did!

Benny and Barry thought it'd be hilarious to change their name for their new business venture, so they did exactly that! And thus, Lenny & Larry was born… and well, you know how it goes from there!

We've been doing this since 1993, and we're proud of being innovators in the high-protein food world making high-quality baked goods with added protein so people can get their daily dose of muscle-building nutrients without having to change their whole diet.