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Liquid Death

Liquid Death

No thirst remains safe in the face of Liquid Death’s mountain waters straight from the Alps and its power to utterly annihilate thirsts and plastic all around the world. Murder that thirst with these waters pulled straight from the mountains and canned for a better planet!
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Founded by Mike Cessario, his funny water company created the perfectly quenchable mountain water straight from the Alps that’s packaged in an infinitely recyclable aluminum can; Liquid Death! Staying true to their namesake and mission, the only thing that Liquid Death is set on destroying is your thirst and plastic pollution! This canned water straight from the mountains, in sparkling or still form, is the perfect thing to take on the go, at gatherings, at the gym, or just to enjoy in the comfort of your own home and is better for the environment too! 10% of the profits made from every can of Liquid Death is donated to a number of nonprofit organizations that they’ve partnered with who are focused on fighting the global crisis of plastic pollution and bringing clean drinking water to those who need it. 

These eco-conscious waters are the perfect thing to have any time of the day, whenever your thirst is possessing you, exile that thirst straight out of your body with the cool mountain waters of Liquid Death because the only thing that’s dying from drinking this water should be your thirst and the number of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills. #DeathToPlastic!


Liquid Death’s water comes from an underground mountain source and is tapped right from that source and purified before being sealed directly into their air tight, completely recyclable cans! Their purification process maintains 100% of the original, natural minerals so you can enjoy all those good electrolytes while murdering your thirst!