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Lovebird Foods

Lovebird Foods

At Lovebird Foods, we recognize that good health begins with a healthy gut, which is why we’ve made it our mission to create better food for ourselves and for our families so we can all rise to new heights. Lovebird Foods all began after the birth of our founder’s daughter. After her first cry, he felt called to rise above his autoimmune disease in order to love and protect his daughter for the rest of their lives. Knowledgeable about the food industry and passionate about breakfast, he set out to create a better type of cereal with nutritious food from the earth, natural sweeteners, and no high inflammatory ingredients. At Lovebird Foods, we believe that a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of your day, and we’re here to make it tastier, more nutritious, and more convenient for you! We create every product with love, and prioritize nutrition and flavour to help you find your balance. We use foods without ingredient labels, limit inflammatory foods, and give you a grain-free cereal that you can't feel bad about eating. At Lovebird Foods, we’re all about real food that you can love and trust. We create cereal that is paleo and AIP-friendly but intended for all to enjoy. Unlike any other breakfast cereal, ours is free of refined sugar, gluten, glyphosates, GMOs, and what we’d like to call "better than the real thing". With Lovebird Foods, skipping breakfast is a thing of the past!